Sam Jackson, MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Sam Jackson is a physician executive with a track record of value creation; he is passionate about bringing CRISPR-based therapies to the clinic to finally cure viral diseases. Dr. Jackson has extensive expertise in translational medicine and in all phases of drug-development.

After training at the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School, Sam’s tenure in industry began at Amgen where he was involved in several programs at the pre-clinical and first-in-human stages of drug development. Later he joined the launch team for Prolia™ the first monoclonal antibody drug for osteoporosis.

Sam took on his next challenge at Genentech leading drug-development teams in various therapeutic areas such as immunology, ophthalmology, infectious and gastro-intestinal disease.

After Genentech, Sam worked at Dynavax leading the development for Heplisav™, a vaccine against Hepatitis B that uses an innovative adjuvant that stimulates the innate immune system via TLR9 signaling. At Dynavax Sam ran the pivotal phase 3 trial and led the extensive analysis of clinical trial data that resulted in the approval of Heplisav™.

In his next role, Sam served as the Chief Medical Officer of Alkahest, a biotechnology company using plasma-derived therapeutics to treat age-related diseases. There he designed and initiated four phase 2 trials in neuroscience and ophthalmology.