Kenneth I. Kohn, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Intellectual Property and Legal Affairs

Ken Kohn currently serves our management team as Senior Director, Intellectual Property and Legal Affairs. Dr. Kohn has over 30 years of experience in intellectual property protection and litigation in the health sciences sector. In addition to Excision, Dr. Kohn is currently the Principal Executive at Kohn and Associates in Michigan.

His doctoral background in Immunology and Pharmacology, along with his legal expertise have allowed him to be involved in high profile projects. These include the coverage of early breast cancer gene and introns for Francis Collins, the dendritic chemistry portfolio for Dr. George Newkome - NIH, blood chemistry analysis for Difco Sciences (now Becton Dickinson), and the intellectual property portfolio for Pfizer’s launch of Lyrica to name a few.

Dr. Kohn has published several scientific papers on porphyrin and prostaglandin chemistry in top journals, and presented at numerous conferences that were based on the some of the most predominant intellectual property issues in the health sciences sector. In addition, Dr. Kohn is currently a member or affiliate for the American Bar Association, Association of University Technology Managers, Inc. (AUTM), Economic Club of Detroit, Michigan Biosciences Industry Association, Michigan Patent Law Association and the State Bar of Michigan.